The usual reasons that results in a student not being able to join the virtual classroom are:

Wrong browser used

The preferred is Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera. Advise the student to launch a different browser instead.

Microphone and/or Camera is not working
Get them to click on the Padlock icon next to the address bar (URL). A menu will pop out, enabling them to allow microphone or camera.
Troubleshoot microphone
Troubleshoot camera

Check if their Camera and Microphone setting was accidentally switched off in the Virtual Classroom:

Cannot hear teacher / other participants
This is usually caused by the default speaker settings on their laptop/computer.
Troubleshoot speakers

Video lags
Change the video quality - switch it to low (un-check the box) in order to reduce the load on the participantā€™s connection.

To investigate

  1. Click on the bar chart button on the Control Panel
  2. Click on the <i> button to see where the participant is stuckĀ 

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