I’m having trouble opening or entering a virtual classroom. Why?

If you’re having trouble entering the room as a student, there are several possible reasons why:

  • If you log into your account, go to your dashboard and find your lesson there, but cannot click the Enter button (it is grayed out), then the teacher hasn’t opened the room for the lesson yet.
  • You’re trying to enter a virtual classroom and receive a message that the room has been locked, then the teacher has manually locked it to prevent participants who are not already in the room from entering. This may be because the lesson has already started (i.e. you’re trying to enter late), or because the teacher has decided that the session is full and cannot allow any more participants to enter.
  • You start opening the room, but get an error message during the system check. You can find some troubleshooting tips, including a video guide and instructions (in .pdf format) on each step. More on that here. If you continue experiencing these issues after following the steps in the tutorials, please email us at hello@smarterme.sg or use the chat button in your Vedamo browser.
  • If you log into your account and go to your dashboard, but cannot see the lesson you want to participate in, you’re most likely not subscribed to that lesson.

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