Is it worth it?

Why should I join? Is it worth my time?

News flash: you're probably not going to win.
Given how many applications we anticipate receiving, the numbers just aren't on your side.
So why even apply? There are many benefits even if you don't win:

  1. If you make concrete progress on your startup and produce a polished pitch, that would look VERY impressive on your resume, independently of how you perform in the competition. Colleges, employers, and investors tend to highly value real world experience. (The co-founder of Founders Bootcamp sits on the admission committee of MIT and interviews university applicants, so hear it from him).
  2. You will learn a lot. Many of our previous students have said they learned more in our program than the rest of high school combined. In addition to the raw content and core skills, you will learn how to take initiative and approach challenges, which will serve you for the rest of your life.
  3. While we do have limited slots in our program, our network does not. If you leave a strong impression but don't make it into the program, you might still be able to receive funding and mentorship anyway.

Not everyday would you get the chance to be treated and viewed on par as a young adult - where your ideas are worthy of being invested in, and not dismissed. There's a group of investors ready to invest in you - if you go for it - so why wouldn't you?