What are the mentors for?

Many teens and kids think of mentors as old, "antique" people. Your parents' generation, maybe. So out of touch with the new world.

And most of us, when we are young, don't know what mentors are for.

Young Founders Summit is the real deal. 

Our aim is to have you come up with business proposals that (1) Have a real market (people actually want to buy your product), and (2) Is feasible (it's actually doable/build-able, and not just with a fancy "powered by AI" word thrown in - when you have zero knowledge of AI)

Which is why we've curated a group of mentors who are YOUNG, EXPERIENCED and can HELP YOU.

For fitness, we have Anabel Chew, the Co-Founder of WeBarre.
For social mobile app, we have Jing Shen, the Co-Founder of Paktor.
Check out our full list of mentors: HERE

These are crazily amazing guys who have disrupted their industries, built businesses that are changing the way we live.

What will they be doing?

If you're one of the 30 teams selected as a Semi-Finalist, you will be paired with a mentor, who will guide you throughout your 6-week preparation towards the Semi-Finals on 17 Nov. 

You are getting private access to these established entrepreneurs and the chance to tap into their brilliant minds. They will dedicate 6 hours to guide and coach your team! 

Now that's access that you normally don't get, don't you think?