What do I get if I win?


There's two legs to this:

ONE. Young Founders Summit @SEA:

Winning team wins USD 5,000 + direct pass to the Finals of Young Founders Summit Global 2019 in LA + sponsored travel expenses.

The runner-ups win USD 3,000  or USD 2,000 each + direct pass to the Semi-Finals of Young Founders Summit Global 2019.

However, if you win this competition, you must commit to traveling to LA in April 2019 to pitch at the Finals of Young Founders Summit Global 2019, in order to receive the cash prize. 

TWO. Young Founders Summit Global @LA:

Here, 10 teams compete for a USD 50,000 investment and 2 amazing months of being mentored by top professors and entrepreneurs in the U.S.

In exchange for investing USD 50,000 in your company, Founders Bootcamp will take 5% of your company's equity, putting your company's valuation at USD 1,000,000. These numbers are in line with those of prominent accelerator programs throughout the world. Imagine this, as a teenager, you would have started up and own a million-dollar company!

*Smarter Me does not invest nor take any equity stake in the winning teams.
**Cash prize is subject to the winning teams actually participating in Young Founders Summit Global 2019 and will be disbursed in April 2019. Prizes are subject to changes at the organizer's discretion.