What's the age limit?

Age, experience, education...

Age: Min: 10 years old; Max: 17 years old

The company must be led by a student who is not older than 17 years old and must not be a full time polytechnic/university students or employed full time. For example, a team can include 2 eligible teenagers and 2 adults if the teenagers own 51+% of the company. 

You should only partner with people whom you trust, respect, and have a good rapport. However, teams composed of only close friends and/or family tend have a less productive dynamic. It is especially difficult to form a professional relationship with one's parents, so while we strongly encourage you to seek your parents' help and advice, we strongly discourage a formal partnership with them. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule.

We do not evaluate anything else - your age, background, education level, experience are not selection criteria. We evaluate every pitch based on commercial factors: market prospects, innovativeness and impact of idea, feasibility of your team actually working on it, among other criteria (details of the judging criteria are in the info pack you will receive upon registering).

"High schoolers can found disruptive startup companies. The best way for students to obtain the core skills of the modern economy -- innovation, engineering, creativity, management, communication -- is learning by doing"