Whiteboard pages management

The content you upload to the room can be distributed into multiple whiteboard pages, making it easier for you to distribute all the content you need for the lesson on the whiteboard. This allows you to keep content on one page of the whiteboard and simply switch to a new page instead of having to delete it or write over it when it is full.

Only the teacher and presenters can create and edit (multiple) pages on the whiteboard (up to 300 pages). When importing documents and images you can choose to distribute the pages of the document between different whiteboard pages.

To switch between pages just click on the page number at the bottom left corner and it will become active (in dark greyish-blue). When in Synchronised mode the participants can only see the page on which the teacher is and they cannot switch the pages themselves.


To preview or edit another page simply hover over it.

Editing a single page

  • Delete – deletes the entire page without confirmation. You cannot undo this action (You cannot delete the first page. You can only clear it.)
  • Rename – allows you to type a custom page name. Press Enter to save the new name.
  • Clear – keeps the page but deletes all of its content. You cannot undo this action.
  • Copy – adds a new page with the selected content.

NOTE: You cannot delete the first page. You can only clear it.

Editing all pages


The last feature in that menu is the Present feature, which will be discussed at length in the next article, Presentation mode.

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