System Check

Getting you started with using the Virtual Classrooms


The system check is a function of the virtual classroom, which allows you to test whether your software and hardware meet the virtual classroom’s technical requirements.

*Preferred browser: Google Chrome.
This is important as you can only do screen sharing on Google Chrome.
Before you screen share, you need to install the browser extension download here

The system check contains 7 steps:

  • Browser check;
  • Connectivity check;
  • Video playback check;
  • Sound check;
  • Camera check;
  • Microphone check;
  • Connection speed check.

The final step is a confirmation that you’ve completed the check successfully . In case you experience any issues during the check, there are articles you can refer to by clicking on the name of the step above (except the connection speed check, as the instructions for that are the same as for the second step – connectivity check). The system check itself also contains links to the video tutorials and instructions included in the articles.

Highly recommended: Use headphones.

System check – in the room

Prior to entering the room, the platform will run a system check in order to determine whether your hardware and software meet the virtual classroom’s technical requirements. The system check runs every time you access the classroom.

If you encounter any issues during the check there are instructions and video tutorials on each steps that you can use in order to resolve the issues.

High video quality is on by default. In case you encounter any problems with your connection, the system would switch video quality to “low” to improve connectivity automatically.

During the microphone check, please talk into the microphone. You will be asked to confirm if you can hear the recording.

Speak into the microphone in order to proceed.

After successfully completing the system check you will enter the virtual room.

System check – outside the room

As a tutor, you can also access the system check outside the room. You can access it through the navigation window, by clicking check your system.

Alternatively, you can click the Check your system button on your dashboard.

The system check outside the room would be useful to do an hour or so before your first live lesson with students or if you have made any software or hardware changes. This will give you enough time to contact our support team should you encounter any issues.

When you are ready to start the check, press Start.

The process is identical to the system check within the room. You will have access to helpful instructions and video tutorials in case you encounter any issues. Once again, please talk into the microphone during that specific step. You will be asked to confirm if you can hear the recording.

After all steps have finished successfully, you will gain access to the room.

Now that you are in the room, you might be interested to find out more about the tools you have at your disposal in it.