Want to know more about online learning?

Does e-learning work?

Has your child ever learnt to make something by watching Youtube?
Slime or some DIY project? Or maybe Minecraft? Or how to play a musical instrument?

The kids of today are so different from us. They learn differently. And they should - because the world has evolved.

But of course, our top priority is to ensure that School of Mastery is effective in teaching kids.


Not pre-recorded. Students and teachers interact real-time.
They can ask questions and have them answered.
They collaborate with fellow classmates in breakout rooms.
They get called out if they are not paying attention. And you, the parent, will be informed.

Supplementary learning materials

Valuable resources available to students during and post-course:
Video playback of the lessons (in case your child missed a class or simply wants to go revise something taught)
Weekly lesson materials

We're always open to hearing from students and parents on how to make this even better. Drop us a note at hello@smarterme.sg, anytime!