What do I get for the Online Pathway?

The full fee to be part of Young Founders Summit Asia 2019 is SGD 599 per team. However, we have structured this in 2 tranches to provide you with more clarity and certainty:

Part 1: Access to Qualifiers- Online Learning Resources and AWS Educate Exclusive Content

Fee: SGD 99 per team. This gives you:

  1. Smarter Me's on-demand lessons covering the entrepreneurship topics which we generally cover in our Bootcamps: Ideation, Selection criteria, Market targeting and sizing, Customer design and interviews, Competitive analysis, Lean Canvas, and Making Money. We expect teams to take 15 - 25 hours from start until 31 August 2019 to go through these videos and work on the assignments given to prepare your pitch deck
  2. A Starter Account with AWS Educate :
    1. USD50 worth of AWS credits, with which you can consume cloud services available on AWS
    2. Access to AWS Educate's curated content to learn about Cloud Computing, App Developer, Web Development Engineer, Machine Learning Scientist
    3. Earn digital badges (Cloud Literacy, Robomaker, DeepRacer, Alexa, Gaming and more) that showcases your digital skills
  3. Downloadable resources which you can use to prepare your pitch deck
  4. Digital Certificate of Completion

Part 2: If you are selected for the Semi-Finals, then only is the balance fee of SGD 150 per person payable

This gives you access to:

  • 4 hours of live online (video conference) mentorship with an entrepreneur or industry expert
  • Lunch and networking dinner in Beijing
  • Tour and company visit in Beijing
  • Official Certificate and Letter of Skills Recommendation