What is Young Founders Summit?

What makes this competition so different?

Young Founders Summit (also known as Founders Bootcamp) is
the world's first high school startup accelerator. Originating from Los Angeles, every year, teenager founders pitch and win USD 50,000 and join a 2 month acceleration program.

In partnership with UCLA, Founders Bootcamp provides access to starting budgets, essential resources, and experienced mentors to empower student teams to create real companies from scratch. During the 2 month acceleration program in Los Angeles (held around June-July), top teams develop functional products, gain persuasive traction, and obtain investor funding.

In April 2018, 8 teams won USD 50,000 and have just completed their acceleration program. One team has raised USD 500,000 from a VC, another team raised seed money from Tinder's co-founders, and yet another team is on track to make USD 100,000 in monthly gross profit!

Because this is such an AMAZING opportunity for teenagers, we're bringing this to South East Asia!

Young Founders Summit @SEA is your gateway to Young Founders Summit Global 2019 (in Los Angeles). Our @SEA winners win up to USD 5,000 cash prizes and a direct pass (and sponsored trip) to compete in Los Angeles! 

You get to bypass thousands of applications and your success probability has just improved by 10x. How so? Well, the global competition sees thousands of applications from 25+ countries, while we expect 100 for this inaugural @SEA competition. 1/2000 vs. 1/100? You do the math.