What makes Smarter Me so special?

Our unique value proposition and differentiating factors

  1. Teachers who are practitioners - Ex-MOE teachers and Curriculum Director of The Keys Academy, INSEAD professor and serial entrepreneur, Platform E by SIM lecturer, Lead UX Designer at Grab, . These are just a brief of the background of our teachers. 
  2. Real-world applicability - Students don't just learn for the sake of learning. They will also put themselves to the test as they apply their new-found knowledge on real-world corporate challenges.
  3. Convenient - Why be obsessed with limiting screen time? Could we instead think of how we can help our kids become creators of technology instead of consumers? 2 hours a week spent learning a relevant skill that will help their future, in the comfort of your own house, without the need for parents to send them to one more class. Now isn't that a winner?

We've laid it all out. You can see much more details on each Mastery course page.

And we had our own kids go through these courses!