Who is Smarter Me?

The background and history of Smarter Me

Smarter Me was founded in July 2016.
If you thought you've heard of a Smarter Me which was a website to search for all sorts of classes (a marketplace) and if you've come across Discover Me camps, you're right! We used to run that website and the best holiday camps.

But we saw a gap in the the education that our kids are going through, and what they need for their future.
In this fast paced, tech-driven future, where a problem-solving mindset, creativity, collaboration, communication, and resilience are the core skills which humans need, we felt that our kids are ill-prepared.

Which is why we launched School of Mastery, to equip children and teens with the skillset, mindset and heartset to help them navigate through the future.
We specialise in 4 Masteries - Coding, Robotics, Entrepreneurship and Design Thinking, underpinned by Mindfulness and Happiness.

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So we've been around, and we'll be around for more!

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